Lord Krishna Wallpapers

These Lord Krishna wallpapers teach you how to live a perfect life as a child, as a son, as a lover, and as a friend. Lord Krishna perfectly plays every role in life. If you put God Krishna HD wallpaper on your mobile wallpaper, it makes you feel more spiritual. Lord Krishna is the cutest among all Hindu Gods. God Krishna is probably the most famous incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Krishna taught us everything about Dharma, Satya, Life, and Death. Krishna's whole life is an inspiration in itself, his life taught us that if we walk on the path of truth and dharma then we will always found ourselves in a winning position. In childhood, Krishna killed Kansa, Putana, Kaliya nag and protect his villagers from all troubles. He alone ensures the win of Padvas over the large Kaurava army. Lord Krishna was a perfect human being who taught us how to face challenges and overcome them.